Kelly Latimore Icons 2020 Calendar


I hope everyone is having a lovely fall.

This December I will have been painting icons for a decade. It all started with my first icon, “Christ: Consider the Lilies” while I lived with the Common Friars in Athens, Ohio.


Starting December 1st the website will now include a bi-weekly blog featuring new icons, quotes of the week, and reflections and work by dear friends: fellow artists, activists, farmers, musicians, theologians, priests and community organizers.


After a flurry of requests around this time the last few years, I’m excited to finally offer this ‘Kelly Latimore Icons’ 2020 Calendar!


It is 12x18in. and includes Icons of ‘Refugees: La Sagrada Familia’ Martin Luther King Jr., Saint Francis, The Trinity, Thomas Merton, The Good Shepherd, Jean Vanier, and more… $35, Limited to 200, we will be taking orders until 12 midnight Dec. 1st.

Available here:

Much Peace to All of you,