Christ the Light

Christ: the Light

The Gospel of John starts with this

"In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God"

The Greek for ' word' is 'Logos'( Λόγος)
For John , Jesus is God in self-revelation (Light) and redemption (Life). He is God to the extent that he can be present to man and knowable to man. The Word, The Logos is God. "How then is Jesus God’s light to our world? It is because of His compassion and acceptance of all kinds of people in the gospels since He believed compassion was God’s defining characteristic towards humanity. Why should anyone object to that? It was because the religious authorities of His time regarded God’s chief characteristic as holiness, based on the Book of Leviticus, which said people should reflect God’s holiness, and so it was their task to protect that holiness.

However, Jesus turned this system on its head by being with all those regarded as impure and unclean – lepers and haemorrhaging women, tax collectors and sinners. He ate with all kinds of people, women included, where sharing a meal was regarded as a sign of acceptance and welcome." (Sam Wells) "Jesus is the light of the world" not for us to pray a prayer and "believe in him ". He is a light in that if you are looking to be closer to the divine light, don't go looking in heaven, look around you, the land, the lily and sparrow, amongst yourselves, in the faces of the oppressed, the weak, the Poor, your brother, sister, friend and stranger. It is there where Gods presence is. When we are in communion. When we are present. This is the light we have a chance to reflect.

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  • So beautiful. Love the spectrum of light coming from the triangle.

    Pat Meyer

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