Refugees: The Holy Family

اللاجئون العائلة المقدسة

The family depicted in “Refugees the Holy Family” is a family I met in Palestine in 2008. They lived in a terribly confined refugee camp in the West Bank. At one point the camp didn’t have a doctor and soldiers were blocking anyone going in and out of the camp. However, the pregnant mothers water broke in the middle of the night. The camp had a strict curfew and no one was allowed to be out in the camp streets at night and so she had no one to help her give birth. Not wanting to put anyone else at risk they risked being arrested, cut a hole in the parimeter fence and walked through the desert with their young son and arrived at the nearest hospital at dawn and gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. The family has been a beacon of hope and nonviolent resistance in the area.

May peace be with them.

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