Tent City Nativity

Tent City Nativity

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8x11 in. Signed Print

“Tent City Nativity”

“Jesus was born in a makeshift shelter, too—

A place not really meant for human dwelling—

And yet it was there that he met us, in the lowliest refuge.

Two thousand years later, it’s good to remember

That Christ is still being born, here and now,

Most especially in places we’d rather not go,

Places from which we’d rather look away.


God of illumination and incarnation,

Open not only our eyes, but our hearts,

That we may open, too, our hands

And make generous offerings of love,

As your holy light reflects from nylon tent flaps,

Your holy song rises from a crackling campfire,

Lit against the cold, against the night.


Prayer written by Cameron Bellm