St. Joseph

Happy Feast Day of St. Joseph

Today, I am thinking of all those who have been quietly taking care of their families the past year during this global pandemic.

Those who have guided and protected their loved ones through sickness, loss of work, lack of food and forced evictions.

Those healthcare workers silently tending the sick and dying, holding hands, looking into eyes, and being present to the most vulnerable.

I think of all of those people in my own life who have quietly ( and sometimes quite unknowingly) have kept me going this past year.

On this day Feast Day of St. Joseph spend some time meditating on who these people are for you. Write them, a hand written letter, anything, and thank them, even for the simplest of things.

St. Joseph has shown us that even the most quiet ordinary acts can be signs of hope in the world, reminders that the world bears within itself the seeds of genuine love.

This new icon of St. Joseph and baby Jesus was commissioned by Abigail Reller

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