The Good Neighbor

A new Icon commissioned by Andrew Wymer and Kristen Daley-Mosie for clergy in Flint, Michigan. 
From Andrew:
"It was a joy to be able to share a thank you gift to our community partners in Flint who came alongside Kristen Daley Mosier and I in a grant project generously funded by Calvin Institute of Christian Worship. Pictured below are our towering community partners: Rev. Dr. Daniel Moore, pastor of Shiloh Missionary Baptist Church; Pastor Gregory Timmons, pastor of Calvary United Methodist Church; and Minister Sharon Rose Saddler, minister at Bethlehem Temple (not pictured is Rev. Monica Villareal, pastor of Salem Lutheran Church).
Like so many of the clergy we engaged in Flint, Michigan, these incredible folk have so much to teach us about what it means to be good neighbors! This icon, "The Good Neighbor," was created by the brilliant Kelly Latimore Icons, a contemporary and progressive iconographer, based specifically on inspirations emerging from our conversations with these folk and others with whom we spoke. This icon is inspired by a centuries-old Orthodox icon of the Good Samaritan.
If you are not from a tradition that employs icons, these are religious pieces of art that have been used for much of Christian history to depict religious characters, to provide images for sacred practices, and to be a means through which folks in some traditions encounter God. We hope this icon will raise further awareness of the intense struggle, collective power, and divine grace that we have seen so vividly in so many Flint clergy. Special thanks to the Styberg Preaching Institute for an additional add-on grant that made this thank you gathering possible!"
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