Glitch Transfiguration (Remix) Original Icon

A Painted version of "Glitch Transfiguration" 
22x25in., Acrylic, Flashe, and Gold Leaf on Birchwood Board. 
Like Peter in Matthew 17, we are often tempted to try and create our own transfigurations. Create our booths. Although we often mean well using grand displays of music, liturgy, and art to bring “The divine down to earth.” the thing is, what we are trying to contain is always right in front of us. It is divine that Jesus doubled down being human-wounds and all. Peter fails to see that Jesus cannot be confined to one location. He can’t tie down and domesticate the wild spirit of God’s Kingdom. We are being called to follow Jesus to Jerusalem, into the unknown. The light we think we hold has already been reflecting and scattering in all directions...

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