Our Lady of the Journey (2)

Our Lady of the Journey

The second in a series of icons with the same name, "Our Lady of the Journey" was inspired by a recent trip to the St. Ines mission while visiting our dear friend Jeff and the Novices of the Franciscan Novitiate community in California. Tucked behind a corner is a tiny statue called " La Pereguina" or "The Pilgrim". The date it was created and artist are unknown, however the community called it 'Our Lady of the journey'

It got me thinking about all of the women in the world on a journey. Refugees fleeing to safety, young women walking miles upon miles for drinking water, and Mother's trying to find shelter and a better life for their families. They are signs of hope and love, and the beauty and dignity of human nature.....

"Invisible God, by the power of your love you make present the bodies of the invisible, the poor farm worker, the foreigner, the refugee, the dead. Show us such a presence, as through them you promise to give us your presence. Make us visible; make us real. Make us capable of feeling so we may think make us capable of tears so we may laugh. Make us your visible people, your light, your joy. Amen."

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