St. Mark

St. Mark
“And Jesus said, “Follow Me”
Mark 1:17
The first icon in a series of the four evangelists.
For me, Marks Gospel is a story by, about, and for those committed to God's work of justice, compassion, and liberation in the world.
Mark is considered the oldest of the four gospels. However, the writer(s) took the sayings of Jesus that were circulating and created a narrative where Jesus message was rooted in someone doubling down being human ( wounds and all). The suffering and crucified messiah. A new kind of friendship with humanity where God went out into the wildness becoming human and identified with those on the margins. Jesus embodies the radical word of Gods liberation that comforts the poor, emboldens the prophets, and causes ‘tyrants to tremble with fear’. Those on the peripheries will have ‘eyes to see’ many things that those of us at the center do not. Inevitably this kind of love will be a challenge and threat to those in power and to empire. A love that could very well get you crucified. Mark asks us 2,000 years later, “This is Jesus… Will you still follow?”
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